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Marketing Opportunities

We’ve put together an exciting program for marketing your company and products to the Electrical industry.

We propose to display your product video within ElectricPilot.com. Electric Pilot visitors will click on the product video to be re-directed to your website for more information. This will increase visitors to your website plus increase your product awareness to the industry.

Proposed locations for your product video:

  • Home Page / Featured Products

  • Manufacturers Search:
         Manufacturer’s alpha selection page

  • Category Search:
         Category search results pages

Electric Pilot's mission is to be the vehicle for the electrical industry to access current product information. In the purchasing cycle the first task is to identify the exact products that are needed then to go after availability and pricing.

Electric Pilot is a popular website that is used by electrical contactors and distributors for accessing Manufacturers current product information for purchasing and estimating solutions. Electric Pilot is used as a tool for printing Manufacturers catalog pages or specification data sheets for professional Project Submittals. A real time saver when multiple manufacturers are needed for a Submittal package.

Here is the really good news. It works! It will increase visitors to your website plus increase your company brand name in the industry. It’s effective and incredibly inexpensive for the service.

For more information, call 707-486-3800 or Contact UsWe look forward to being of service to you!